Ski Boot Nordica Strider 120 Strider 120 NORDICA
Boot Dalbello Lupo AX 110W Lupo AX 110W DALBELLO
Boot Dalbello Il Moro Mx 110 Il Moro MX 110 DALBELLO
Ski Boot Dalbello Lupo AX 120 Lupo AX 120 DALBELLO
Ski Boot Lange Xt 80w XT 90W LANGE
Ski Boot Fischer Hybrid 120+ Vacuum Hybrid 120+ Vacuum FISCHER
Boot Rossignol All track pro 120 Alltrack Pro 120 Rossignol
Ski Boot Fischer My Hybrid 100 My Hybrid 100 Vacuum FISCHER
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Our expert’s boot-fitter will advise you to purchase and do the technical fitting of your boots. Choosing a pair of ski boots is a technical act which requires a study of the foot’s morphology, making soles supports and a technical fitting including a work on the shell if necessary. With professional bootfitting you will benefit from greater comfort and precision on the slope for pleasurable ski all day long.